My Minion Door Dec. Attempt :) Hit or Miss?

Okay so I made them 🙂
Now let me see if I can explain the process.
1. First the cool thing about these door decorations is that you can make them any size you want. So the first thing you need to do is gather the supplies.
What you need:
-yellow card stock or construction paper the body
-blue card stock or paper for the pants
-white card stock for eyes and name strip
-black card stock for gloves and feet
-glue gun
-black marker


2. Next you need to make master patterns for the craft. I color coordinated mine. I used yellow for the body and blue for the pants. You need to decide the size you want your minions. For the pants I traced the body I wanted of my minion on the blue paper then drew in my pants and then cut them out.


3. Use the patterns to cut out the number of each piece you want.


4. Now take and glue the pants to the body. I used a hot glue gun to glue. However I am sure you can use another type of glue.


5. Draw in the pant details


6. Now you need to make the straps for the goggles. Take and cut strips out of the black paper. I did not have black paper so I colored my white paper black then cut my strips




7. Now you need to glue the goggle straps on.





8. Use the white paper to cut out your eyes. Minions can have both two or just one eye. Use your black maker to color in the eye details. Then glue them to the body between the straps.





10. Use the black paper to make your gloves and shoes.


11. Now you either need to write the names on a white strip of paper or type the names. After that is done you know need to cut out the names and glue them on between the eyes and pants. Then glue your gloves to the ends of the paper. Now your done!



~ by patrika14 on January 14, 2012.

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